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4 Meetings Therapy Program  (English)
4 Meetings Therapy Program  (English)

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4 Meetings Therapy Program (English)

Over the next 4 meetings, you will explore a "return to the real path", empowering your consciousness over your emotional states, your personality, your mind.

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This 4 Meetings Therapy Program will help you to recognize your real and beautiful version. We will go to share a sacred moment helping you to reach your goals.

It's a combination of metodologies with tecniques from all over the word like Breathwork, meditation, reiki healing and more!

The real conection with yourself and the meditations in this therapy will help you learn to calmly focus and concentrate your mind and bring your full awareness to rise you at plenty.

4 Meeting Therapy Program is an opportunity to sit in an online moment and get out of the head and into the heart. It can help you with:⁠

Stress, anxiety, grief, anger, depression and more! ⁠


💫 Reducing pain ⁠

💫 Processing complex emotions⁠

💫 Accessing Self-Love⁠

💫 Clearing the mind ⁠

💫 Relaxation ⁠

💫 Healing deep trauma⁠

💫 Balancing energy levels (helps with sleep) ⁠

💫 Releasing fear ⁠

💫 Clearer communication ⁠

💫 Accessing more joy, peace, happiness

If you resonate with... allow the experience and embrace it. 

Remember "if you change nothing, nothing will change"

See you soon!

With love 

Francisco Ayr

Each consultation 75 £

Full package discount 222£ 

Francisco is a self-awareness communicator, as a result of intense inner reengineering. Dedicated to sharing the tools, as sacred keys that open the door to a life full of abundance and joy. Expanding knowledge and weaving consciousness through courses, therapies, conferences and more.

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