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He traveled specifically. In addition to emergency braking, the other did not know.

A couple of times I cut very dangerously near trams. The aunt-driver, or counselor - I don’t know which is correct - even leaned out of the window of her Mustang and waved her fist after us. Glancing back at her, I noticed a red ninety-nine. A little later, looking back after the turn, I again saw this car

“Look back, Igorek,” I said, taking a cigarette from his pack.

- And what's in there? Cops? He craned his neck, looked in the mirror. - I do not see.

- I'm talking about that red car - from the very beginning they go after us.

- And this? - Igor immediately relaxed and turned under the sign. - These are ours, they cover our ass for every fireman.



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