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The Shamanic Journey Experience

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The Experience

Motivated by the big spirit, The Healing Journey of the Shaman extends conscious awareness and awakens dormant potential for spiritual wisdom, healing, and personal growth. The Healing Journey of the Shaman offers a unique opportunity to access the domain of your inner truth through an experiential journey program based on the distillation of shamanic wisdom from cultures and traditions around the world from the all times. In that journey you’ll activate your senses, discover your real spiritual power, release the old patterns and beliefs, develop the shamanic breath, energize power centers, develop relationships with power animals, and engage in a Vision Quest.


These inner resources constitute your power, or what American Indian shamans called 'medicine'. The lessons of Shamanic Experience culminate with a meditative-trance-state journey induced by the rhythmic drumming sessions

Do you join us on that transformational trip?


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Sen you request here

Av. Los Rosales 122 

28021, Madrid


Tel: +45 50361499

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The Nature of Spirit

We are talking about the knowledge of the nature of spirit, it cannot be seen or measured. It is so elusive that it cannot be dissected by the logical mind either, because it transcends the intellect. Spirit is 'nothing' yet, paradoxically, it is in every living thing. Yet spirit was known to shamans before any organized religion determined what was and was not to be believed or experienced.

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